Monday, October 16, 2006


It wasn’t that I wanted things
to unfurl as they did,
events just seem to veer away
from paths we hope they’ll run,
an ethereal independence,
obedient to none.

Now here’s a novel way of self-deception -
Concerning the discerning mind’s ability
to control and shape its personal reality-
the conscious collapsing
of quantum wave functions;
latest venture in pretence,
refusal to believe in chance events.
The innate fear to just admit
that shit is happening, bit by bit -
and accepting that we’re part of it.

Old scriptures give God total credit
for all that’s gone, and what’s to come.
We intervene with prayers and such,
being careful not to ask for much.
The need for gods was never pious -
(religions harbour many liars).
So long as there are things unknown,
still locked away by arcane laws,
some god will always be the cause

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