Monday, October 16, 2006

In the Beginning.

Later on this week
I decided to stroll back the years,
have a pint in the local,
just to see how things had changed..

‘My God!’ someone said,
‘You’re looking old.’
‘Pale too,’ said another,
‘you look like you’ve just seen a decade.’

I told my tale to open mouths
and closed ears.
With more beers, wider mouths
and drink-opened minds
soaked up my words.

‘You should be here in a minute,’
remarked the landlord,
‘Have you forgotten past habits?’
His words seemed to mingle with froth
patterning the sides of my glass.
Pictures formed and slid away –
Then a question.

What happens when the same body
self-encounters simultaneously.
What arcane laws of physics strain to be unleashed?
Then I realized,
if I’d recognized myself when I came in a decade ago,
I would remember.

I drank up fast, grabbed the door, and opened it.
As I stepped out, I met myself coming in.
Instantly the cosmos rushed into me as time imploded,
I pulled myself together in infinite gravity.
I was no bigger than a grape.
I exploded, and the Universe was born.

I awoke almost fifteen billion years later –
I swear it wasn’t a dream!

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