Monday, October 16, 2006

Free as Averse.

In dingy haiku will I find
a meaning in my mouth?
A burning feeling in my foot
tells me I’m flying south.

I look myself all up and down,
the feathers don’t quite follow.
I was a flying insect once
but now I see a swallow.

Oh seas with waves and splashy cliffs
that fall in crumbly stones,
why do you thunder woe betide,
spray salt into my bones?

On sand I land at running pace
all eight legs pitter patter,
my swallows days have blown away
in madness as a hatter.

A snake like thing, it hisses me
with flicking fork all scary,
arachnid body all rolled up,
I pray for my good fairy.

With wand and wing and hissing gone,
a change rings through my ears,
a thank you bark, I issue forth
confirming my worst fears

I paw a haiku up and through
that may explain my plight,
the dog and spider, snaky fang
and feathery swallow flight.

To sum it all, it was dream
that I had never had,
I pad the padded-cell about
It doesn’t seem too bad.

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